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SLSP Introduction to Preprints
Video 2021 00:09:46 Intro to Preprints
Summary [pdf]

SLSP: orientation
Webinar 2018 00:13:22 Orientation Session

Grey Literature for Scoping Reviews
Allison McArthur 2016 00:45:14How To Find And Use Grey Literature For Scoping Reviews

Evidence-Informed Public Health
Donna Ciliska 8 Videos 2010 Evidence Informed Public Health

SLSP Question Development
Workshop Slides updated 2021 Question Development

High Jump or Decathlon?
Dr. Andrew Booth 2017Working out the appropriate review type for your research project

Advanced Searching
EBSCOhost 2019 00:02:38 EBSCOhost Advanced Searching

SLSP Introduction to Grey Literature
Workshop Slides 2019Grey Literature

To PICO or Not to PICO
PHO Grand Rounds 2016 01:00:33To Pico or Not to Pico: What is the question?s

Basic Searching
EBSCOhost 2019 00:02:12 EBSCOhost Basic Search